Supplied with factory six gang connector. The fallowing procedure outlines how to properly remove the OEM stator terminals

and then install the replacement stator terminals into the factory six gang connector. 

Step 1. Unplug the six gang OEM connector from the factory harness and carefully remove the yellow terminal keeper by 

gently prying outward with a small screwdriver or terminal tool. Be sure to apply leverage evenly at the perimeterto to avoid breaking. 

Step 2. Only the three terminals indicated in the diagram on the products web page should be removed, all other terminals 

will remain in their factory positions. 

Step 3. Remove the OEM stator from the vehicle and install the stator. Connect the 3 colored wires indicated above onto their 

respective positions. When properly installed they will "click" into position. Re-install the yellow terminal keeper and complete all other connections. 

Seven wires

Nine terminals

ALTERNATOR Yellow to Yellow 0.6 ohms ± 20%


PICK UP COIL Blue to Green 200 ohms ± 20%