There are no particular installation instructions for this stator.

Please refer to our generic stator installation instructions.

Before attempting to start your YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE

1. This is a stator designed as a direct plug-in replacement and should be used as such. 

2. Our stator may use different wire color code then your original.

3. All of the wires and installed in the correct order, please do not change any of the wiring configurations. 

4. When bolting stator in, always use locking compound.

5. Adjusting the air gap is necessary, rotate the flywheel so the raised nod is lined up with the pick up/pulsar coil and adjust as close as possible but no less than 0.010".

6. Set adjustable timing plate at zero for stock timing.


Six Wires

Seven terminals

ALTERNATOR Yellow to Black 0.8 ohms ±20%

SOURCE 1 Green to Red 18 ohms ±20%

PICKUP 1 White/Green to White/Red 115 ohms ±20%


Interior Diameter: 42mm

Exterior Diameter: 103mm

Thickness:  17mm