Please consult the generic voltage regulator rectifier installation instructions before installing your new regulator.


  1. Arctic Cat split the year on certain models; the RM30405 replaces OEM parts #3430-037 and #3430-016
  2. The 1996 and early-1997 454 Bearcat 4x4 has a different plug. You need to install the harness-side included connector on your vehicule. Please following the color code supplied at the end of this page.

Color code for 1996 and early-1997 454 Bearcat 4x4 harness-side connector : 

The 3 Black wires to the 3 Yellow's

Black/Red to Red

Black/White to Green

This is the 1996 and early-1997 harness plug : 


Five wires

Five pins

Bracket center to center: 80mm

Thickness: 27mm

Height: 85mm