1. Un-solder the pieces of wire one by one. 

2. Clean connectors to remove excess solder.

3. Re-solder the wires of your original harness respecting the color code (the piece of wire soldered to the stator are to indicate the color code.)

4. When bolting the stator back into its place, use thread locker (Lock tight or equivalent).

If you experience difficulties with your sled after a ride or 2 verify your solders before returning your stator.


Nine wires
Nine terminals

ALTERNATOR Yellow to Yellow 0.2 ohms ±20%
FUEL PUMP White/Blue to White/Blue 17.2 ohms ±20%
HAND WARMER COILS Orange to Orange 2 ohms 20%
SOURCE COIL 1 Green to Brown 10 ohms ±20%
SOURCE COIL 2 Green to Black 10 ohms ±20%