Two wire stator connection:

Hook the wires up according to the DIAGRAM 1 if the stator only has two wires coming from it. The two YELLOW wire are the phase inputs, the GREEN connectors to the battery negative, the RED connectors to the battery positive, and the WHITE is the charge warning light output.

NOTE: Voltage sensing input from the ignition switch is built into the part. No black wire is necessary.

You will have a RED wire left over. Make sure you cap it off, so it can't short out to the frame. Our RR51 is designed to work properly and safely without the 30A main fuse in the system.

Three Wire Stator Connection:

If the stator is a three wire type, with two YELLOW wire and one RED one coming from it, hook it up according to DIAGRAM 2. The difference is that the two YELLOW wires are connected together and connect to one YELLOW input wire on the RR. The RED wire from the stator connects to the other YELLOW RR input. The other connections of the RR are like in DIAGRAM 1.

If this setup doesn't produce any power then the stator is wound differently (on some models this is the case) Forget about the RED wire emerging from the stator, and hook it up like in DIAGRAM 1. Then you will then have the full output available.

NOTE: Due to part improvements and redesigns, your part may look different from what is shown.,