Limited Warranty : RMSTATOR Guarantees a unique and exceptional service by offering a one year non transferable warranty on all items. 

The following conditions apply;

  • The warranty is available only at the point of purchase and applies only on the original purchased part.  
  • The defective product will be replaced by a new part or factory labor (repair).  
  • The faulty part must be shipped back to us for testing and diagnostic purposes.  
  • The warranty will be void, if a part is returned under the following conditions: 
    • misapplication 
    • rough handling 
    • mistreatment 
    • gear tooth failure 
    • the part has been altered.  
  • Fill out the form to receive a return authorization number, before shipping to RMSTATOR. Otherwise, it will be refused.  
  • The product must be shipped either in its original box or a box with the same dimensions and the return authorization number clearly written on the outside. A copy of the invoice must be included in the box.  
  • Please allow a two week turnaround time for exchanges and refunds. 
  • The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs. A 50$ fee will apply if returns, warranties or repairs are sent to RMSTATOR by Collect shipping. Buyer will also be responsible for the part to be shipped back to them.  
  • If the diagnosis is uncertain, RMSTATOR can test the warranted item. Please be advised, if the part is tested and it is not deemed as faulty, the part will be shipped back to sender and will be charged the 25$ testing fee. If the part tests faulty, the 25$ fee will be waived.  
  • The request is valid for 30 days.  
  • To be eligible to an unpaid replacement, you must prove that the part is defective. Without proof, the replacement part will be charged. If the returned part is defective, you will be refunded.
  • Photos may be required.